Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Install Tethys App Store

Last Updated: November 2021

The Tethys App Store is a Tethys app that can be used to publish and install Tethys apps. It can install Tethys apps from its catalog of published apps or directly from GitHub repositories. To learn more about the Tethys App Store, see Community Apps | Tethys Platform. This section will describe how to install and use the Tethys App Store on the Tethys Platform Azure VM.

Screenshot of the Tethys App Store

Figure 1. Screenshot of the Tethys App Store.

1. Login as Tethys User

Remember, to use the tethys command, you'll need to login as the tethys user:

sudo su - tethys

2. Activate the Tethys Conda Environment

conda activate tethys

3. Change into the Tethys Home Directory


4. Install Tethys App Store

Complete the instructions in the Install using Miniconda section of Installation | Tethys App Store.

5. Collect Static Files and Workspaces

It is not necessary to change permissions to collect static files or workspaces in the Azure VM image if you are logged in as the tethys user. Simply run the following command after installing the app:

tethys manage collectall

6. Restart the Tethys Service

Restart the Tethys service for the new app to be loaded:

sudo systemctl restart tethys.service

7. Enable WebSocket Support

Modify the tethys_nginx.conf as follows to enable web socket support:

  1. Open the $TETHYS_HOME/config/tethys_nginx.conf with your favorite text editor.

  2. Add the following lines to the top of the file, above the upstream section:

    # top-level http config for websocket headers
    # If Upgrade is defined, Connection = upgrade
    # If Upgrade is empty, Connection = close
    map $http_upgrade $connection_upgrade {
        default upgrade;
        ''      close;
  3. Change the following line:


    proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade";


    proxy_set_header Connection $connection_upgrade;

8. Restart the NGINX Service

Restart NGINX to enable changes made to tethys_nginx.conf.

sudo systemctl restart nginx

9. Add Password to Root User

Run the following command to create a password for the root user. Use a password generator like xkpasswd or similar to create strong and unique password.

sudo -i passwd

10. Login to Tethys Portal with a Portal Admin Account

Navigate to the Tethys Portal (see View the Tethys Portal) and login with the Portal Admin account.

12. Set sudo_server_pass Setting

Set the value of the sudo_server_pass setting to the root password you set in step 9. Press the Save button to save the settings.

Screenshot of the Tethys App Store Settings.

Figure 2. Screenshot of the Tethys App Store Settings.

13. Install Apps

To use the Tethys App Store app to install an app, simply search for the app and press the Install button next to it. To submit an app to the Tethys App Store catalog follow these instructions: Application Submission | Tethys App Store.