What's New

Last Updated: November 2023

Refer to this article for information about each new release of Tethys Platform.

Release 4.2

Python 3.12

  • Verified Tethys Platform works using Python 3.12

Conda Forge Package

  • Tethys Platform is now fully packaged on conda-forge!

See: Getting Started

Optional Dependencies and Micro Tethys

  • Made many of the dependencies of tethys-platform optional and released new micro-tethys-platform conda package on the tethysplatform channel with minimal dependencies

  • Updated docs to reflect what features are now optional and what dependencies are needed to support those features


The tethys-platform conda package for version 4.2 will still install all of the optional dependencies for backwards compatibility. Starting with Tethys version 5.0 the tethys-platform package will only have required dependencies. The micro-tethys-platform package, available on the tethysplatform channel, will install only the required dependencies allowing for a smaller Tethys environment.

See: Optional Features, Getting Started

Map Layout

  • Add labeling support for geojson features in MapLayout and MapView Gizmo.

See: label_options in Map Layout

Admin Pages

  • Added ability to have an icon on proxy app cards in the apps library to distinguish from native apps

See: Proxy Apps


  • Added new PREFIX_URL to enable modifying all portal URLs with a prefix

  • Added new settings ADDITIONAL_URLPATTERNS and ADDITIONAL_TEMPLATE_DIRS to allow more flexibility for supporting Django plugins

  • Replaced deprecated setting AXES_ONLY_USER_FAILURES with recommended setting AXES_LOCKOUT_PARAMETERS

See: Tethys Portal Configuration

OAuth2 Provider

  • Added support for the Django OAuth Toolkit plugin to allow a Tethys portal to be an OAuth provider.

See: Optional Features

Tethys CLI

  • Added a --urls option to the tethys list command to list the UrlMaps for apps.

See: list command


  • Added support for Bokeh version 3

Jobs Table Gizmo

  • Added a cached_status property to Tethys Jobs and optimized how the JobsTable gizmo loads statuses

  • Added ability to sort jobs in the JobsTable gizmo and specify sorting key

See: Jobs Table

Bug Fixes

Prior Release Notes