Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Install Tethys Platform

Last Updated: September 2022

This article will provide an overview of how to install Tethys Portal in a production setup ready to host apps. Currently production installation of Tethys is only supported on Linux. Some parts of these instructions are optimized for Ubuntu, though installation on other Linux distributions will be similar.

Install Miniconda

  1. As of version 3.0, Tethys Platform can be installed using conda. We recommend installing Miniconda as it provides a minimal installation of conda that is appropriate for servers:

    cd /tmp
    bash ./
  2. Read the license and accept when prompted. Install to the default location (~/miniconda3) and configure the shell to start on startup.

Install Tethys Platform

  1. Create a new conda environment called tethys with the tethys-platform package installed:

    conda create -n tethys -c conda-forge -c tethysplatform tethys-platform
  2. Activate the tethys conda environment after it is created:

    conda activate tethys