Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

Install Apps Manually

Last Updated: November 2021

Installing apps manually on an Azure VM is a similar process as described in Installing Apps in Production of the Manual Production Installation guide, but there are some differences. Use the following steps to install apps on an Azure VM:

1. Login as Tethys User

Remember, to use the tethys command, you'll need to login as the tethys user:

sudo su - tethys

2. Activate the Tethys Conda Environment

conda activate tethys

3. Change into the Apps Directory

A directory for app source code has already been created at $TETHYS_HOME/apps.

cd $TETHYS_HOME/apps

4. Download App Source Code

Clone the app source code as suggested in the Download App Source Code section of Installing Apps in Production, using $TETHYS_HOME/apps as the APP_SOURCES_ROOT.

5. Install App

Install the app as suggested in the Install the App section of Installing Apps in Production, using $TETHYS_HOME/apps as the APP_SOURCES_ROOT.

6. Collect Static Files and Workspaces

It is not necessary to change permissions to collect static files or workspaces in the Azure VM image if you are logged in as the tethys user. Simply run the following command after installing the app:

tethys manage collectall

7. Restart the Tethys Service

Restart the Tethys service for the new app to be loaded:

sudo systemctl restart tethys.service

8. Configure App Settings

Configure app settings in the Tethys Portal admin pages if required (see: Admin Pages > Tethys Apps).

9. Initialize Persistent Stores

If your app requires a database via the persistent stores API, you will need to initialize it:

tethys syncstores all