Tethys Platform
Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

gen command

Generate supporting files for Tethys installations.

usage: tethys gen [-h] [-d DIRECTORY] [-p {major,minor,patch,none}]
                  [--client-max-body-size CLIENT_MAX_BODY_SIZE]
                  [--asgi-processes ASGI_PROCESSES]
                  [--conda-prefix CONDA_PREFIX] [--tethys-port TETHYS_PORT]

Positional Arguments


Possible choices: asgi_service, nginx, nginx_service, portal_config, services, install, metayaml

The type of object to generate.

Named Arguments

-d, --directory

Destination directory for the generated object.

-p, --pin-level

Possible choices: major, minor, patch, none

Level to pin dependencies when generating the meta.yaml. One of "major", "minor", "patch", or "none". Defaults to "none".

Default: "none"


Populate the client_max_body_size parameter for nginx config. Defaults to "75M".

Default: "75M"


The maximum number of asgi worker processes. Defaults to 1.

Default: 1


The path to the Tethys conda environment. Required if $CONDA_PREFIX is not defined.

Default: False


Port for the Tethys Server to run on in production. This is used when generating the Daphne and nginx configuration files. Defaults to 8000.

Default: 8000


Overwrite existing file without prompting.

Default: False