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Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

What's New

Last Updated: April 2021

Refer to this article for information about each new release of Tethys Platform.

Release 3.4

Select Input Gizmo

  • Add id attribute to the form-group of the SelectInput gizmo to allow it to be selected in custom JavaScript.

See: Pull Request 616

Cesium Map View Gizmo

  • Add support for time-enabled layers for CesiumMapView gizmo via the MVLayer specification.

  • This is done by listing timesteps corresponding the times of a time-enabled WMD layer via the times parameter of MVLayer.

  • Note: time-enabled layers are not supported in MapView gizmo yet.

See: MVLayer

Single Sign On

  • Single Sign On / Social Login via ArcGIS Online / Enterprise Portal now supported. See: social_auth_arcgis.

  • Add clarification and fix typos in documentation for OneLogin SSO. See: OneLogin.

See: Single Sign On (Optional)

Multi-Tenant SSO

  • Implemented Multi-Tenant SSO support for providers that support it.

  • Allows Tethys Portals to use authentication from different tenants of the same authentication service.

  • When enabled, users are prompted to provide the name of their tenant/organization before being redirected to login page for that provider.

  • Supported providers include: OneLogin, Okta, Azure AD, and Microsoft ADFS.

See: Multi-Tenant SSO

User Profile and Settings

  • Removed the username from the URL pattern for User Profile and Settings pages to address security concern.

  • Viewing other user's profiles is no longer possible.

  • The profile and settings pages only display profile and settings for the logged-in user.

See: Tethys Users

Password Reset

  • Changes configuration for Password Reset feature of Tethys Portal to be the same as the configuration for MFA email support.

  • This allows the emails sent by the Password Reset and MFA features to be sent from the same email address and alias.

See: Forgotten Password Recovery (Optional)

Tethys App Settings

  • Added set_custom_setting method to TethysAppBase to allow setting CustomSettings programmatically.

  • Added a UUID type to CustomSetting model.

  • UUID type can take uuid instances or strings.

See: App Base Class API

Tethys App Admin Settings

  • Adds color parameter to the App Settings admin page to allow portal admins to change app color.

See: Issue 656

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves issue with default Gravatar image not displaying for users who haven't defined an email address. See: Issue 637.

  • Fixes an issue where renaming an installed app in the admin pages would cause the app throw 500 errors and no longer be accessible. See: Issue 653.

  • Removed EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata from all Tethys Portal images to address metadata leakage security concern. See: Issue 630.

  • Resolves various issues with JobsTable gizmo: dates not being parsed correctly, set job status to error if exception raised during call to execute(), label could not be set when retrieving jobs through job manager. See: Issue 641.

  • Fixes issue where a user's API token was not visible when MFA was enabled and MFA_REQUIRED was False. See: Issue 626

  • Move TethysJob model import out of module scope in JobsTable gizmo to prevent import issues. See: Pull Request 618.

  • Pin Django Channels dependency to 2.* to prevent accidental upgrades to 3.*, which breaks Tethys. See: Pull Request 680

Prior Release Notes