Tethys Platform
Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

What's New

Last Updated: August 2020

Refer to this article for information about each new release of Tethys Platform.

Release 3.2

App Permissions Assigned to Groups

  • App permissions can now be assigned directly to permission Groups in the admin pages.

  • Adding an app to the permission Group will reveal a dialog to select which of the app permissions to also assign.

  • Assign users to the permission Group to grant them those permissions within the app.

  • This is an opt-in feature: set ENABLE_RESTRICTED_APP_ACCESS to True in portal_config.yml to use this feature.

See: Assign App Permission Groups

App Access Permissions

  • Apps now have an access permission that can be used to grant access to specific users or groups.

  • When a users does not have access to an app it will be hidden in the apps library.

  • If a user without permission to access an app enters one of the app URLs, they will see a 404 page.

  • Configure access to apps by creating a permission Group with access to the App and then assign any number of users to that group.

  • The access permission is automatically enforced for all views of apps.

  • This is an opt-in feature: set ENABLE_RESTRICTED_APP_ACCESS to True in portal_config.yml to use this feature.

See: Assign App Permission Groups

Custom Home and App Library Styles and Templates

  • Portal admins can now customize the Home or App library pages with custom CSS or HTML.

  • Two new settings groups in Site Settings section of admin pages.

  • Specify CSS directly into the setting or reference a file in a discoverable Static path.

  • Specify the path to custom templates in a discoverable Templates path.

See: Customize Portal Theme (Recommended)

Additional Base Templates for Apps

  • There are 9 new base templates for Apps that simplify implementing common layouts.

  • Specify the desired base template in the extends tag of the app template.

See: Additional Base Templates

New Features for Jobs Table

  • Logs action that displays job logs while job is running.

  • Monitor job action that can be implemented to display live results of job as it runs.

  • Jobs can be grouped and filtered by permission Groups in addition to User.

  • Resubmit job action.

See: Jobs Table

Official Docker Image Improvements

  • Additional options added to run.sh to allow it to be run in different modes (daemon, test, etc.) to facilitate testing.

  • Adds two new Salt Scripts to make it easier to extend without duplicating steps.

  • pre_tethys.sls: prepares static and workspace directories in persistent volume location.

  • post_app.sls: runs collectstatic and collectall and syncs configuration files to persistent volume location.

  • New documentation for using the Official Docker Image

See: Official Docker Image

Tethys Portal Configuration

  • Fixed inconsistencies with documentation and behavior.

  • Fixed issues with some of the groups that weren't working.

  • The way logging settings are specified is more straight-forward now.

See: Tethys Portal Configuration

Install Command

  • New --no-db-sync option to tethys install command to allow for installing the app code without the database sync portion.

  • This is helpful in contexts where the database is unavailable during installation such as in a Docker build.

See: install command

Collectstatic Command

  • Behavior of collectstatic command changed to copy the static directory instead of link it to be more consistent with how other static files are handled.

  • Alleviates a workaround that was necessary in SE Linux environments (the links couldn't be followed).

  • Old linking behavior still available via the --link option.

See: manage command

Expanded Earth Engine Tutorials

  • Two additional follow-on tutorials to the Earth Engine tutorial.

  • Part 2 - add additional pages to app, layout with Bootstrap grid system, upload files, add REST API.

  • Part 3 - prepare app for production deployment and publishing on GitHub, deploy to production server.

See: Google Earth Engine

All New Production Installation Guide

  • Near complete rewrite of the production installation documentation.

  • Examples shown for both Ubuntu and CentOS.

  • Expanded from a 1 page document to 25+ documents.

  • Moved many documents that were in Tethys Portal to configuration section of production installation docs.

  • All existing documentation was updated.

See: Production Installation Guide

Docs Fixes

  • Added example for SSL firewall configuration.

  • Various fixes to make THREDDS and GEE tutorials more clear.

  • Tethys Portal Configuration documentation fixed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug with scaffolding extensions.

  • Compatibility changes for Bokeh 2.0.0.

  • Fixes broken URIs for password reset capability.

Security Updates

  • Return 404 instead of 403 on pages that require login to prevent directory mapping.

  • Disable caching on login and register pages.