What's New

Last Updated: May 2023

Refer to this article for information about each new release of Tethys Platform.

Release 4.1

Python 3.11

  • Verified Tethys Platform works using Python 3.11

Secret and JSON Custom Settings

  • Added two new types of Custom App Settings: Secret and JSON.

  • The values of Secret Custom settings are encrypted for additional security of sensitive data (e.g. passwords, API keys, etc.).

  • JSON Custom settings store JSON strings and can be initialized from a JSON file.

  • The app settings page provides an embedded JSON editor for JSON Custom settings.

See: Custom Settings, Secret Custom Settings, and JSON Custom Settings

Tethys CLI

  • Added Docker image (-i) name and tag (-t) options to the tethys docker command to allow users to override the default images installed by the init and update command.

  • Added port (-o) option to tethys scheduler create-condor CLI command.

  • Link Schedulers to App Settings using the tethys link command.

See: docker command, schedulers command, and link command

Support for Other Databases

  • Removed PostgreSQL specific model code for the primary Tethys Platform database to allow using other database engines (MySQL, Microsoft SQL, SQLite, etc.).

  • Made SQLite the default database engine for the Tethys Platform database.

  • Note: Persistent stores still require PostgreSQL, but work is being done to support for more datbase engines.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Removed unused site settings.

  • Refactored base templates for user and account pages to allow for separation and more control with custom CSS settings.

  • Various improvements for Production deployments (See Pull Request 942).


  • Updated the Docker Production Deployment Tutorial for Tethys 4

Bug Fixes

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