Tethys Platform
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Table Of Contents

docker command

Manage Tethys-sponsored Docker containers. To learn more about Docker, see What is Docker?.

usage: tethys docker [-h] [-d]
                     [-c {postgis,geoserver,wps,thredds} [{postgis,geoserver,wps,thredds} ...]]

Positional Arguments


Possible choices: init, start, stop, status, update, remove, ip, restart

Docker command to run.

Named Arguments

-d, --defaults

Run command without prompting without interactive input, using defaults instead.

Default: False

-c, --containers

Possible choices: postgis, geoserver, wps, thredds

Execute the command only on the given container(s).

-b, --boot2docker

Stop boot2docker on container stop. Only applicable to stop command.

Default: False