Tethys Platform
Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

manage command

Manage various aspects of the underlying Tethys Platform Django project.

usage: tethys manage [-h] [-m MANAGE] [-p PORT] [--noinput] [-f] [-l]

Positional Arguments


Possible choices: start, collectstatic, collectworkspaces, collectall, createsuperuser

Management command to run.

Named Arguments

-m, --manage

Absolute path to manage.py for Tethys Platform installation.

-p, --port

Host and/or port on which to bind the development server.


Pass the --noinput argument to the manage.py command.

Default: False

-f, --force

Used only with {} to force the overwrite the app directory into its collect-to location.

Default: False

-l, --link

Only used with collectstatic command. Link static directory to STATIC_ROOT instead of copying it. Not recommended.

Default: False