Last Updated: November 2021

Unable to Connect after the VM Starts

The most common cause of this issue is that the HTTP/HTTPS ports have not been opened on the Virtual Machine. Step 2 of the Configure HTTPS (Recommended) tutorial describes how to configure ports for an Azure virtual machine. The process is the same for the HTTP port, just select HTTP instead of HTTPS for the Service and name it HTTP.

App logo isn't showing up after installing

This is usually happens when you forget to run tethys manage collectall or tethys manage collectstatic. The collectstatic command moves the static files like images, JavaScript, and CSS to a location where NGINX can serve them (collectall calls collectstatic). If you forget to run one of those commands, the files won't be able to be served and won't be found.

Error after running tethys manage start

Don't use tethys manage start in a production server! That starts the development server. To start/stop/restart Tethys in the Azure VM, use the systemctl command. See: Start, Stop, Restart.

Tethys Looking for Database on Port 5436

This means that Tethys isn't able to find the portal_config.yml and is using the default value for the port: 5436. Log in as the tethys user so that the TETHYS_HOME variable is set correctly. See Tethys User Account.


DO NOT RUN tethys db confgure to set up a database. The database created by tethys db configure is not suitable for production.