Add Map View

Last Updated: January 2023

In this tutorial you will add a map to the Home Page using the Tethys MapView Gizmo. The following topics will be reviewed in this tutorial:

  • Tethys MapView Gizmo

  • Overriding the Default Template

  • Remove Padding from App Content Area

  • Custom CSS


0. Start From Previous Solution (Optional)

If you wish to use the previous solution as a starting point:

git clone
cd tethysapp-earth_engine
git checkout -b dataset-controls-js-solution dataset-controls-js-solution-4.2

1. Remove App Actions Bar

You will not be using the app actions bar at the bottom of the content area and you'd like the map to fill the whole content area, so you'll remove the app actions bar to give the map a little more real estate.

  1. Replace the app_actions block with the app_actions_override block in templates/earth_engine/base.html:

{% block app_actions_override %}
{% endblock %}
  1. Restyle the app-content area to take up full height in public/css/main.css:

/* Remove padding on bottom where app-actions section used to be */
#app-content-wrapper #app-content {
    padding-bottom: 0;


To verify that the app content area is indeed filling the whole area, you could temporarily add the following to public/css/main.css:

#app-content {
    background: red;

2. Add Map View

In this step you'll add the MapView to the home view. You'll also add a custom stylesheet to ensure the map fills the content area.

  1. Add MapView gizmo to home controller in

from tethys_sdk.gizmos import MapView, MVView
map_view = MapView(
        'ZoomSlider', 'Rotate', 'FullScreen',
        {'ZoomToExtent': {
            'projection': 'EPSG:4326',
            'extent': [29.25, -4.75, 46.25, 5.2]  #: Kenya
        {'CartoDB': {'style': 'dark'}},
        center=[37.880859, 0.219726],

context = {
    'platform_select': platform_select,
    'sensor_select': sensor_select,
    'product_select': product_select,
    'start_date': start_date,
    'end_date': end_date,
    'reducer_select': reducer_select,
    'load_button': load_button,
    'ee_products': EE_PRODUCTS,
    'map_view': map_view
  1. Add MapView gizmo to the app_content block of the templates/earth_engine/home.html:

{% block app_content %}
  {% gizmo map_view %}
{% endblock %}
  1. Restyle the home page so that the map fills the screen by creating public/css/map.css with the following contents:

/* Map Format */
#app-content-wrapper #app-content {
    height: 100%;

#inner-app-content {
    height: 100%;
    padding: 0;
  1. Include the new public/css/map.css script in the templates/earth_engine/home.html:

{% block content_dependent_styles %}
    {{ block.super }}
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="{% static 'earth_engine/css/map.css' %}" />
{% endblock %}

3. Test and Verify

Browse to http://localhost:8000/apps/earth-engine in a web browser and login if necessary. Verify the following:

  1. The app actions bar that used to be at the bottom of the page should be gone.

  2. The page should now feature a map that fills the content area including where the app actions bar used to be.

  3. The map should be zoomed in and centered on Kenya.

  4. Use the Basemap control to change the basemap.

4. Solution

This concludes this portion of the GEE Tutorial. You can view the solution on GitHub at or clone it as follows:

git clone
cd tethysapp-earth_engine
git checkout -b map-view-solution map-view-solution-4.2