Tethys Platform
Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

New Tethys App Project

Last Updated: November 2019

1. Setting up the scaffold

Tethys Platform provides an easy way to create new app projects called a scaffold. The scaffold generates a Tethys app project with the minimum files and the folder structure that is required (see App Project Structure).

Create a new app using the instructions here: New Tethys App Project. For this tutorial we will be calling our project dask_tutorial, so replace all instances of dam_inventory with dask_tutorial in the tutorial.

2. Dask

Documentation for Dask may be found at https://dask.org

Dask is a tool for natively scaling and parallelizing python. It can broadly be categorized into dynamic task scheduling, and "big data" collections.

Dask Delayed tasks operate lazily. This means that execution is split onto a separate thread for completion and then return.

Dask Distributed is a tool for managing a medium sized cluster. See https://distributed.readthedocs.io/en/latest/