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Table Of Contents

Basic Job Type

Last Updated: January 2022

The Basic Job type is a sample job type for creating dummy jobs. It has all of the basic properties and methods of a job, but it doesn't have any mechanism for running jobs. It's primary purpose is for demonstration. There are no additional attributes for the BasicJob type other than the common set of job attributes.

Creating a Basic Job

To create a job call the create_job method on the job manager. The required parameters are name, user and job_type. Any other job attributes can also be passed in as kwargs.

# create a new job
job = job_manager.create_job(
    description="This is a sample basic job. It can't actually compute anything.",
        'app_spcific_property': 'default_value',

Before a controller returns a response the job must be saved or else all of the changes made to the job will be lost (executing the job automatically saves it). If submitting the job takes a long time (e.g. if a large amount of data has to be uploaded to a remote scheduler) then it may be best to use AJAX to execute the job.

API Documentation

class tethys_compute.models.BasicJob(*args, **kwargs)

Basic job type. Use this class as a model for subclassing TethysJob