Scaffold and Installation

Last Updated: February 22, 2018

Scaffolding an Extension

Scaffolding Tethys Extensions is done in the same way scaffolding of apps is performed. Just specify the extension option when scaffolding:

tethys scaffold -e my_first_extension

Installing an Extension

This will create a new directory called tethysext-my_first_extension. To install the extension for development into your Tethys Portal:

cd tethysext-my_first_extension
tethys install -d

Alternatively, to install the extension on a production Tethys Portal:

cd tethysext-my_first_extension
tethys install

If the installation was successful, you should see something similar to this when Tethys Platform loads:

Loading Tethys Extensions...
Tethys Extensions Loaded: my_first_extension

You can also confirm the installation of an extension by navigating to the Site Admin page and selecting the Installed Extensions link under the Tethys Apps heading.

Uninstalling an Extension

An extension can be easily uninstalled using the uninstall command provided in the Tethys CLI:

tethys uninstall -e my_first_extension