test command

Run the test suite for Tethys Platform and Tethys Apps. See Testing API.

usage: tethys test [-h] [-c] [-C] [-u] [-g] [-v VERBOSITY] [-f FILE]

Named Arguments

-c, --coverage

Run coverage with tests and output report to console.

Default: False

-C, --coverage-html

Run coverage with tests and output html formatted report.

Default: False

-u, --unit

Run only unit tests.

Default: False

-g, --gui

Run only gui tests. Mutually exclusive with -u. If both flags are set then -u takes precedence.

Default: False

-v, --verbosity

Set level of output verbosity {0, 1, 2, 3}.

-f, --file

File to run tests in. Overrides -g and -u.