docker command

Manage Tethys-sponsored Docker containers. To learn more about Docker, see What is Docker?.


You must have Docker installed and add your user to the docker group to use the Tethys docker command (see: Install Docker and Post-installation steps for Linux).

usage: tethys docker [-h] [-d]
                     [-c {postgis,geoserver,wps,thredds} [{postgis,geoserver,wps,thredds} ...]]

Positional Arguments


Possible choices: init, start, stop, status, update, remove, ip, restart

Docker command to run.

Named Arguments

-d, --defaults

Run command without prompting without interactive input, using defaults instead.

Default: False

-c, --containers

Possible choices: postgis, geoserver, wps, thredds

Execute the command only on the given container(s).

-b, --boot2docker

Stop boot2docker on container stop. Only applicable to stop command.

Default: False