Ubuntu Installation

Last Updated: November 17, 2014

Ubuntu Desktop can be downloaded at the Download Ubuntu page. There are three ways you can install Ubuntu on your computer. The first option is to overwrite whatever operating system you are running with Ubuntu.This can be done using either a USB or DVD. Use the Install Ubuntu instructions to do so (Note: these instructions are for Ubuntu 14.04, but they should work for Ubuntu 12.04 as well). This method is not usually preferable or recommended, because most users still want to retain use of their Windows or Mac operating systems. The next two options accomodate this need.

The second options is to install Ubuntu in a dual boot configuration. This will let you choose to either run Ubuntu or Windows/Mac OSX when you start your computer. Follow the instructions provided by Ubuntu for Windows Dual Boot if on a Windows computer or the Intel Mac Dual Boot if on a Mac computer.

The third option is to install Ubuntu as a virtual machine using virtualization software such as VirtualBox. If you are running Mac OSX you can also use VMWare or Parallels. Follow the instructions for creating a new Ubuntu virtual machine for the software you are running.

After installing Ubuntu, be sure to install any updates using the Update Manager and restart.