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Table Of Contents

Condor Job Description

Last Updated: March 29, 2016


Both the Condor Job Type or the Condor Workflow Job Type facilitate running jobs with HTCondor using the CondorPy library, and both use CondorJobDescription objects which stores attributes used to initialize the CondorPy job. The CondorJobDescription accepts as parameters any HTCondor job attributes.


In addition to any HTCondor job attributes, the CondorJobDescription also accepts a special parameter called condorpy_template_name. This parameter accepts a string naming a CondorPy Template, which is a pre-configured set of HTCondor job attributes. For more information about CondorPy templates and HTCondor job attributes see the CondorPy documentation.


Perhaps the most confusing part about CondorJobDescription parameters is the file paths. Different parameters require that the paths be defined relative to different locations. For more information about how to define paths for HTCondor job attributes see the CondorPy documentation

Setting up a CondorJobDescription

from tethys_sdk.jobs import CondorJobDescription


    my_job_description = CondorJobDescription(condorpy_template_name='vanilla_transfer_files',
                                              remote_input_files=('$(APP_WORKSPACE)/my_script.py', '$(APP_WORKSPACE)/input_1', '$(USER_WORKSPACE)/input_2'),
                                              transfer_input_files=('../input_1', '../input_2'),
                                              transfer_output_files=('example_output1', example_output2),